My U11 and U14 sons started on-going private training with World Class Soccer to strengthen their skills and prepare my U11 player for travel team try-outs. Nico and George sharpened their skills for games and gave them insight to get noticed at try-outs. The training benefits were obvious on the field for both boys. Not only did my U11 player become his team’s lead scorer during the fall season, but at spring try-outs he was promoted to a higher level team for U12.

Private Training and Success at Tryouts

WCSS Parent

Dear Coach Nico,
We just want to thank you for having Sean in your camp. Sean had so much fun and learned so much soccer fundamentals. Please keep us updated when your next camps includuding summer and clinics, Sean would love to attend your camp or clinics again.

Uyen and Long

Sean's Parents

My son and four of his teammates worked with Nico and George Severini from World Class Soccer School throughout the winter and spring of last year. Of all of the many camps and training programs I’ve sent my son to over the years, his training with World Class Soccer School has been his most enjoyable and formative. Nico does an incredible job of structuring sessions that are fun, engaging, and that target the development of skills that each individual player needs to work on. Nico’s and Georges’s activities and drills provide highly focused practice and performance experiences that build sharp soccer sense, thoughtful on-field play, and skills that are directly translatable to game situations. The result were evident on the field during the winter and spring seasons, as well as during this year’s travel team tryouts. My son approached the tryouts with a new confidence and managed to move up a level within his soccer club. If you are looking for a great growth experience for your young soccer player, I would definitely encourage you to check out World Class Soccer School.

Rob Buscaglia


As a family we have tried many of the local soccer camps and we continuously return to World Class Soccer School. Coach Nico and Coach George bring together an experienced coaching staff who provide great instruction to players at all levels. As a mom, I appreciate the attentiveness and caring showed to the youngest players who are just learning to dribble, but I also appreciate the focused skill development provided to the older kids who attend soccer camp because they love the game and want to improve their skills. Both of my kids asked to attend multiple weeks of World Class Soccer School because they had fun – which for me is the most important thing. Thank you for putting together a great summer camp.



Coach Jorge has helped me improve my soccer game tremendously!



The world class soccer school is the perfect camp and program for players that want to get the most out of their game. The coaches encourage creativity and imagination on the ball, while still making sure the fundamentals are there. My time with World Class Soccer Schools has been fun, but has helped me improve and become more confident with my game.



In coach Severini’s camp you learn a lot, and Mr. Severini is the best!



I would whole-heartedly recommend the World Class Soccer School. My four sons have not only thoroughly enjoyed the week long camp, but their soccer skills improved as well. In addition, the staff was well qualified and warm and personable. My sons made new friends while at camp and the program eased the transition from the school year to summer. I found the program to be affordable, even for a large family. I would like to thank coach Severini for providing an innovative and excellent soccer program for my four sons, and all the children in Havertown.

Mary Small

Mother of 4 WCSS players.

Muchísimas gracias for the excellent training that you provided at the “E” level coaching course. Your love of soccer is obvious and infectious. Your skill in demonstration was remarkable and indeed, made a lasting impression in my development as a coach.

Ramón Hurtado


I have learned so much from WCSS and Jorge. It is a great experience.



A sweet soccer camp, that rocks my soccer socks! I totally enjoy it every year.



Hello – wanted to say thank you for running a great camp. Sadie had an awesome time and really loved it! She definitely wants to attend future camps. I will definitely spread the word!

Susan Cohen

Coach Jorge, Nicholas, and George have been trainers for our club for many years. Because of their experience and dedication to teaching the game of soccer our teams have excelled to play at higher levels and some at the premier level. As someone involved in soccer for many years, it is wonderful to see our players so enthusiastic about soccer training. I am honored to know the Severinis and value the friendship formed these past years.

Barb Budgick

President, Del-Val Soccer Club

World Class Soccer School Camp Dates

June Camp at the Haverford Reserve

Jun 17th to Jun 21st, 2024
(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)

August Camp at the Haverford Reserve

Aug 5th to 9th, 2024
(Monday - Friday)

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